Be the Next Daily $1K Giveaway Winner!

Be the Next Daily $1K Giveaway Winner!Today could be your lucky day.


Well, every day in November – and weekends are days too – Joe Fortune Casino is giving you the opportunity to take all of life’s little pleasures to new heights. You can get $1K from my pocket to yours just by making a regular deposit or by getting a friend to join us. In the casino, that is.

There are plenty of occasions in life to clink glasses and cheers over. The gathering of good friends in your neck of the woods, being smooshed in a crowd after keeping a 10-foot pole distance, and your usual sandwich joint undercharging you for your BLT with a friendly wink.

I’d like to add to that list of simple pleasures by tossing in another contender: one thousand of them, to be exact. Cash, moolah, bucks, dosh, bills, and the Thousand Dollar Sandwich: beans, bacon, gravy and bread. I’m bringing them all home.

I’ve caught your interest now, haven’t I, mate? You’re eyeing off my back pocket for booty loot. A-ha! My wallet’s in the front, but, hey, if you wants what I gots… you’ll have to ask my wife. (She’ll say go ahead, the more you take of me, the less she has to handle.)

So having been hypothetically sold out by my bewedded, let me give you the Joe Fortune promotion details so I can maintain my dignity and you can take full advantage of your deposit, and get your chance at the prize.

Deposit In and Cash Out Big

Twenty bucks is less than it costs to fill up the tank with petrol. In Australia, where everything is at a bloody premium, it’s not even enough for a Sunday lunch special at the pub. But at Joe’s, a measly $20 AUD has the power to score you $1,000 in pure, spendable, AUD cash-money.

This is the way it works: every time you deposit $20 on a promotion day, I put your name inside a prize raffle. A new winner is determined by day’s end, and that winner, needless to say, could be you. Just like any other good raffle that lets you pile up your name in the hat if you buy more entries, you can make as many $20 deposits as you want to add your name again and again.

To stack up more entries instantly, you can deposit $100 and I’ll give you 10 entries just like that (for us who aren’t math-brained folks, that’s only $10 per entry instead of $20). Plus you can grab any other eligible Joe Fortune bonus codes to gain even more perks for your deposit.

If you’re the winner, we send you a congratulatory message through the messaging platform inside your Joe Fortune login. Now that’s certainly a message you won’t want to leave on read.

Cash Out Big by Referral

But that’s not all. You don’t even need to use your own money to gain an entry. If you’ve got any buddies laying around looking for some new ways to kill time, call them up and send them my way. As soon as they create a Joe Fortune login and make a successful deposit of $20 or more, I’ll put your name in the raffle 5X over to say a big gigantic thanks.

The best part is that you can invite as many friends as you want. Unlike those online dating prospects you invite your friends to check out, I’m a gentleman and I’ll never turn them down. You can count on me.

Be “Joe Fortune” Famous

What’s better than being $1K rich at Joe Fortune Casino? Being rich and famous! When you’re the lucky winner of my giveaway, your name is on display, front and center. There’s no better way to boost up your pride and stroke your ego than to see your name displayed in yellow and gold, and have the riches to back it up.

Your kinder teacher was right about you. You are a winner.

Get More (Money) Out of Your Games

The best part of my daily raffle is that you don’t need any bonus codes to cash it in, or any rollover to get the money.

That’s right, this money isn’t subject to any rollover! This is as free as money gets around here. Once the $1K is in your account, you can immediately deposit on any game in the casino and play like always, but this time with an extra big grin on your face since every move is a spin in the right direction, for no money off your own back.

If you choose to deposit with cryptocurrency instead of AUD, there are even more benefits to your security, speed, and convenience. That’s all covered on my Joe Fortune crypto help page.

You’re just $20 bucks or one solid phone call away from having the chance to get $1K – boom – dropped like beats directly into your account.

Get out there and get your entries to be one of Joe Fortune’s next $1K Daily Giveaway Winners!