All About Bonuses! How to Turn Bonuses into Cash

All About Bonuses! How to Turn Bonuses into CashWhen you login to your account at Joe Fortune Casino, you’ve got more surprises coming to you than just the jackpots. My casino is chocka-block with real money, and it’s not just for the new paint job on my Datsun.

No Siree Bob, the cash is overflowing through virtual windows like a waterfall after a storm. As a fella and gaming guy who enjoys lighting up faces with dollar signs, there’s nothing I’d love to do more than direct that cash flow straight to you in a glorious shower of Aussie-made polymer.

From the epic $5,000 Welcome Package to the Every Day and Weekly Deposit matches, this is your handy bonus guide to all things free.

What are bonuses?

I could go into all sorts of detail about my casino bonuses (and give me a nudge if I rattle on about it, won’t you?), but for now, I’ll restrain myself to the big stuff. Bonuses are free spins on pokies and free credit for other games. That’s what it comes down to, and this is how it works.

When you open up a game for real money, once you’ve rung the doorbell with your Joe Fortune login, you’ll have made a deposit in order to begin play. Usually that deposit is your own money, although if Auntie Jill wants to offload some of her crypto capital to see you smile, I’ll take that smile and raise it. With your balance in order, you spin the reels or deal the cards or whatever the game requires, and you win payouts that add even more to your bankroll.

With a bonus, you can play the games in exactly the same way, but this time you’re using my money, or free credit, if you will. That means the spins and the rounds are free for you, and any prizes that result from them are 100% yours.

Types of Bonuses

Just like the punters from all walks of life who flock to my casino, bonuses come in all shapes and sizes to embrace (it’s all COVID-safe here, folks). From deposits to matches to free spins and more, let’s see what kinds of freebies you can grab while I’ve got my Santa hat on. Which happens to be always.

Match Bonus

The first type of bonus you’ll see is called a match bonus. A match bonus means that you make a deposit and I give you a certain percentage of that value straight back. So let’s say you deposit $100 on the promise of a 100% match. That would mean you get $100 from me, so now you have $200 in your bankroll. There’s an equal relationship! Or how about if you deposit $100 on a 150% match? In this case you get $150 from me, resulting in $250 in your bankroll. And the gift keeps giving like that. (Mum never told me I was a gift, but I know she thought it.)

You’ll see this type of bonus in the $5,000 Welcome Package, the Every Day Deposit Bonus, and the Weekly Deposit Bonus.

welcome bonus at joe fortune casino

$5,000 Welcome Package

This bonus is the most famous of them all at Joe Fortune Casino. For your first deposit, I’ll match you 100% up to two grand, plus I’ll give you 30 free spins. Thirty! For your next deposit after that, I’ll match 75%, then 120% for your third. All-in-all you’ll get up to $5,000 in free money from Yours Truly! It’s a wonder I can pay my mortgage, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every Day Deposit Bonus

Once you’re settled in, you’ll be coming back to make deposits, and to give me a wave. I’ve set this one up just for you, my friend: I’ll match your first two deposits of the day 100% of up to $50 each deposit – that’s an easy $100 every single day, if you’re keen.

Weekly Deposit Bonus

If you’re a top player at my casino and you’re looking for even more perks, this bonus is just what you need to polish up your pleasure centers. Your brainy ones, of course. You can choose one day out of a week to make a big deposit, and I’ll match you 100% up to $150. You can also do the Every Day Deposit on top of that! I live to give. And to watch Carlton beat West Coast, purely for my own historic AFL reasons.

Other Types of Bonuses

While match bonuses are all the rage around here, there’s another type of bonus at Joe’s (and another way to gain free spins) that’ll make you just as bright-eyed. It’s called a no deposit bonus code, also known as a free play bonus.

This is a special Joe Fortune bonus code that typically waltzes into your email (check your promos inbox if it’s not in the main bit). You can claim this bonus by clicking on the link, and then use the given code to deposit cash directly into your account – no deposit necessary. Just regular AUD, ready to fire off into pokies and table games.

Another type of promotion, and an excellent way to gain free spins is through a giveaway. From time to time I like to shed off a little weight in gold (among other types) and pass it on to my patrons. I’ll do monthly raffles that help you earn thousands of bucks for making deposits like the Daily $1K Giveaway or Joe’s Gold Rush, or set up a special deal for my crypto-loving bettors like the Joe’s Bitcoin Giveaway.

Rules: How to Cash Them Out
Bonus Rules: How to Cash Them Out

Once you’ve got your extra special promotions and you’re ready to use them on Joe Fortune free spins, you’ll need to complete a few steps.

In any talk of bonuses and promotions, at any casino, you’re bound to hear the word playthrough tossed around like a garden salad.

A playthrough, or a wagering requirement, means you have to wager a certain amount of money before you can collect on the bonus funds. This is an incentive to make sure you spend your gift money with me and not with any other inferior establishment. We’ve got a good thing going here!

If you’ve collected on a deposit match bonus, the playthrough is a multiplier of the bonus plus the deposit amount.

A common playthrough you’ll see here is 30X. That means you have to multiply your bonus amount by 30, which tells you the amount of money you have to wager before you can collect on your bonus funds and the associated winnings. So let’s say you deposit $50 on a 100% match. Your deposit and bonus amount is $100. Multiplying $100 x 30 playthrough means you have to wager $3,000 on games before you can get the bonus money and any prizes you won from it.

Luckily, I’ve made things nice and easy for you. All you need to do to see your wagering requirement is login to enter the “Bonus Description” tab through the “My Rewards” section. There’s a bar showing your playthrough progress so you know exactly when you’ve met it and you can take the money.

Which games can I play with my bonus?

If it’s any regular bonus like the Welcome Bonus, Refer a Friend, Every Day or Weekly bonus, you can use the funds on almost any game you see at the casino. Each game will contribute differently to your playthrough requirement.

If it’s any other type of bonus, you’ll have to check the Terms and Conditions to be sure. Don’t worry if you tend to avoid the dreaded fine print. I’m not shooting for a Pulitzer or anything, but I think you’ll find my T&C nice and readable.

In case there’s something I didn’t cover, be sure to view all Joe Fortune promotions on the website. Once you’re clear on the wagering requirements, grab that free money and jump right in. You’ve got hundreds of games that are ready for a go.