Boxing Day Cricket and Other Sports Pokies

Forget Melbourne Cup or even the AFL grand final, Aussies know that Boxing Day is THE ultimate sporting day on the calendar, and it's cricket, of course. Step up to the crease and try these timely themed pokies out.

To say the Australian cricket team is a mere eleven green and yellow-clad players would be nothing but a gross and, frankly, rather insulting understatement. As us locals know, the Aussie cricket team is a 20-odd million strong force taking on the world at the pitch.

With the Boxing Day Test match just around the corner, and the season already shaking off the dirt, we’re feeling that die-hard energy now more than ever.

This year, England will dare to show its face on Australian turf, and the Aussie army, including the likes of you and me, will gather in herds to watch the action unfold.

In celebration of this sacred national sporting event, I’ve solemnly selected some pitch-perfect Joe Fortune sports pokies to get you in the celebrating, cheering, cricket-loving mood between rounds of swinging the bat in the backyard.

I have a feeling we’re on a pretty good wicket.

Cricket LegendsYou couldn't make this up if you tried! We've got an actual cricket game ready and waiting, and it's called Cricket Legends, of course.

Legends are made of one thing, and one thing only: die hard determination. Some of us have it, some of us don’t.

If you feel like you “have it” just a little bit, then that’s more than enough for you to step up to the crease in Cricket Legends pokie. There are five reels and three rows to pick your spot, and 243 ways to get a six. Just like cricket in real life can be wild and unpredictable, this pokie keeps the reputation up with random expanding wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4.

During the base game, you can tumble in the dirt with tumbling reels. Any symbols involved in a win will disappear from the screen, and new symbols will tumble into their place, giving you more chances to win. It’s slightly more merciful than an Australia-England cricket match, but I’ll take it.

Derby Dollars

The Melbourne Cup might be finished for this year, but with Derby Dollars, the vibrant, inebriated festivities will gallop right to your door like you’re back at Flemington.

You’ll need to grab onto the reigns nice and tight. On these 5 reels, the horse runs extra fast. So fast, in fact, that it can transform into another regular symbol in the flash of an eye. You’ll want to build up your race-day betting funds, too, because this purse is overflowing with gold. Whenever a gold coin scatter lands on the reels, those wins are multiplied by your total bet.

Just like horse number five can easily overtake number one when you’re looking to catch a side-glimpse of that extravagant hat, you’ll be shocked when the Joe Fortune progressive jackpot decides to overtake your senses in this game at the conclusion of any spin.

Gridiron Glory

You might say this more of an American sports casino game, and you’d be bang on, but don’t knock it down in a tackle ‘till you watch those powerhouse players move like machines. Gridiron Glory has just as much glory as the cricket field, and I think you’ll find the stacked Wilds and Wild reels do very well to spike your adrenaline during commercial breaks.

Besides, it’s not just the match itself that has got people so excited about football. The cheerleaders play a big role in the entertainment, and those nimble ladies play a big role on this pokie field. After any winning spin, they ruffle their festive pom poms over the winning symbols, allowing them to disappear and new ones to fall into their place.

If you see the ball, be sure to intercept it three times to win up to 25 free spins with 10x multipliers. It looks like those Americans might be onto something after all.There's too much cricket, said no one ever! But hey, if you're keen to take a break from the pitch, give these games a try.

Hockey Enforcers

Get ready to hit the ice and enforce the law of the puck on this 5×3 battle for the Stanley Cup. Weaklings beware, this game is hardcore enough to shed a tear on the eye of the unprepared. It’ll shred up your wallet, too, so I suppose that’s an even trade.

This game is full of wilds to keep things interesting. You’ve got the red goal light which serves as your regular wild which also stacks on reels 3, 4, and 5. On top of that, reels 2, 3, and 4 could randomly turn wild when the forward gains speed.

The scatter is on fire, and I mean that literally, as a puck engulfed in flames. It scores the highest, as I suppose a flaming puck would, awarding 25 free spins with progressive multipliers up to 10x when you land five.

World Cup Football

Now we’re circling back to our own turf with another game that sends TV ratings through the roof. At the risk of stirring up too much controversy in such a well-meaning conversation about pokies, I dare say that football-proper (okay, I’ll call it soccer for you Aussie Rules devotees) has outperformed even cricket… and AFL.

Even if you’ve never been a fan yourself, there’s plenty to appreciate in this sports pokie showdown for the 15,000x trophy. World Cup takes place inside a fully packed stadium, with the crowd fluctuating through a quiet murmur and an all-out ovation for good moves in the game. One of the best parts of this Joe Fortune new pokie is the Give and Go Re-Spin Feature with locked Wilds. That really gets a crowd going.

Streetball Star

As it turns out, you don’t even need to leave your neighborhood if you want to get in touch with your athletic side for some healthy competition. Most able-bodied young and youngish folks are partial to going outside to shoot some hoops on the odd occasion. All the better when the rest of the neighbourhood shows up with wide-brimmed hats and spray paint to decorate the court.

These are goodtime guys, and plenty good value at that. A little tagging is not just okay in Streetball Star, but warmly welcomed when it means they paint over winning symbols to replace them with new ones. That’s just downright nice of them. You’ve also got plenty of features to shoot for, including free spins with progressive multipliers that hitch a ride on the scatter.

Say goodbye to the Christmas pokies! Boxing Day is so close you can touch it, and the other glorious nation of Australia will dutifully fall into their post-Christmas tradition, beer in hand, company at each side. While you’re not jumping up with every catch and run, give these Joe Fortune online pokies a nice little spin, bowler. If not for the jackpot, then do it for the athletic maintenance on your forearms. Either way, I’ll be seeing you on the pitch, on – you got it – the 26th.