Joe’s Pokie Roundup: Sports Edition

2022 has just barely begun, and I’ve already got my sights set on Australia’s best sporting events. Some are taking place as we speak, and others have a way to go before we find ourselves plopped in front of the tellie and cheering like a crazed pack of hyenas. 

To commemorate the thrilling sports coming up, I’m sharing my sports pokie picks that you could play right alongside the events. Some of the sports you’ll recognise, and some other events might surprise you, and maybe even inspire you to work out your arm strength and fish for tuna. You’ll see.  

For all of the Joe Fortune online sports pokies you see here, you are the MVP, and I want to see you holding up the trophy and taking the gold. Let’s get started! 

Joe’s Australian Open Pokie: Ten Times Wins

With the Australian Open taking place this month, we’ve gotten to see our fair share of action, both on the court and off. Players like Ash Barty (go Ash!), Felix Auger-Aliassime, and Rafael Nadal are smashing it out with a racket, and players at Joe’s are doing their own kind of smashing – with their fingers. On the spin button. 

It may not involve as much cardio as a tennis racket, but I can assure you that Ten Times Wins is the perfect companion for match day. Between sets or even quick swings, you could be hitting spin on this classic and no-fuss online pokie. There’s no crazy bonus rounds or mini games that require your complete attention; just 3 rows, 3 reels and 3 paylines with a handy paytable for fast reference.

In Ten Times Wins, the best symbol is a 10x Wild, and landing three of them on a payline scores you the best payout in the game. Isn’t that something of a net gain

Fire this game up in between serves on the court, and see if you can win the big jackpot alongside this year’s winner’s cash prize.

Joe’s NFL Super Bowl Pokie: Gridiron Glory

There’s nothing quite like watching a field full of grown men charging down a field in tights and helmets, only to tackle each other to the ground and shout profanities at the referee. I mean honestly, it’s thrilling!

With Gridiron Glory, you can maximise your own wins right alongside the football pros, especially now that Super Bowl LVI is just around the corner. While the rush of buffalo wings and hot sauce at your Super Bowl party will keep the energy moving fine, nothing works as well as cold, hard cash to really keep the festivities alive. 

In this competitive sports pokie online, you get to join the big players right there on the field. 

You’ve got cheerleaders who are so ruffled to watch you play they give you new symbols to work with, a helmet that stacks up on reels and stacks up wins, and a teammate who is wildly unpredictable and randomly turns some reels Wild. 

It sounds to me like you’ve got your own Super Bowl of super bounty right here. 

Joe’s Olympic Gold Medal Pokie: Reels & Wheels XL

I love the Olympics because while world-class athletes perform remarkable feats of human strength and agility, I get to comfortably lounge in my recliner and judge their performance. I guess you could say I’m like the armchair judge of the Olympics. I’m fine with that. 

Reels & Wheels XL happens to be one of the games with the best Joe Fortune progressive jackpots to win; actually, scratch that, five progressive jackpots. Talk about a gold medal performance. You might even discover that you have what it takes to be a pokie Olympian yourself. 

As you spin through five reels and three rows, the real judge in your game is the balance metre. Your score shoots up with bonus symbols leading you to the first Bonus Wheel.   

Then you can do a double twist and a spin of the wheel to earn multipliers or maybe even make it to the Jackpot Wheel. Here the degree of difficulty is sure to be recognized by the Balance Judge. Give it a big, hearty yank and watch as you stick the landing on one of five progressive jackpots, and no doubt take home the gold. 

I say get in there and dive right into the deep end with it! (Okay Joe, that’s enough).

Joe’s Hat Trick Pokie: World Cup Football

Australia may not have won a World Cup yet, or even qualified for the finals since 2018, but that doesn’t stop us from loving the comradery and the celebration of the event! You might even be one of the mega-fans who are donning your favourite team’s colours and crowding into your city’s square to watch the match unfold on a cinema-sized big screen.

If celebrating on the sidelines isn’t enough for you, the World Cup Football sports pokie might do the trick. This thrilling game puts you right in the starting lineup, heart pounding out of your chest while Ronaldo gives you the death stare from centre field. 

Glance to your left and you’ll see me in the front row with a gigantic foam finger rooting you on. I would even rip my shirt off and reveal your name painted across my chest, if it wouldn’t frighten the other spectators. It’s been a while since I’ve had the gym bod of my twenties.

To help you channel your skills and unlock bonuses for cash, your trusty teammates stack up on reel one and lock in place. Then, another re-spins feature lets you keep on spinning for wins with special symbols and Wilds locked. Score a hat trick in this game, and you get 10 more free spins. Sounds like a winner to me.  

Joe’s Santos Tour Down Under Pokie: Super Fast Hot Hot

You may not realize it, but there’s another type of sport going on in Australia in January, and this one will really get your gears in motion. 

The Santos Tour Down Under takes place in Adelaide, or as I like to say, Radelaide, for nine days at the end of January. For the event, elite cyclists put the pedal to the bicycle metal through Barossa, the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Helmets off to them!  

In support of the speed of the race and the burning of their thighs, I present to you the pokie Super Fast Hot Hot. No other online pokie encompasses the spirit of the Santos Tour quite like this one, and you don’t even need to wear padded underwear, unless you want to, of course. 

Five reels with fruits and diamonds spin at rapid speed over a retro-like pokie screen. To finish the race and win the progressive jackpot cash prize, you just need to land the Hot Jackpot Hot symbol 5x on a winning line on max bet. In the meantime while you pedal it out and soak up the scenery, you can collect on Super Free Spins with diamonds and free spins with Wild multipliers via the scatter.   

Joe’s AFLW Premiership Pokie: Solfire

The AFLW might be relatively new around here, just since 2017, but that’s plenty long enough to prove that these tough-as-nails ladies are worthy of some serious respect. 

If you’ve never seen a women’s Australian rules football game before, just think roller derby, but on the grass. You’ve got to have some grit to get by in this game, and it really can’t be easy for anyone to dive head-first into the ground after a flying ball, let alone without any padding (the au naturel kind doesn’t count).

I not a tenth as tough as these gals, but when I want to channel my inner Joan of Arc, I just open up the Solfire pokie to soak up some female warrior energy (it’s a thing) and get some quick wins between rounds of the game. 

Solfire is an Aztec warrior, and she’s your guide through the temple at Joe Fortune Casino. The reels crack open to the beat of her drum. Instead of your typical 5-reel setup, this temple has a gigantic 1x3x9 stone symbol with smaller symbol spaces around it. Solfire hurls balls of fire at the stone, winning you Wild multipliers and the Colossal Tablet Wilds feature.   

Thank heavens for girl power.  

Joe’s Tunarama Festival Pokie: Sushi Wins

I’ve saved the best for last.

If hurling a raw tuna as far as you can, with the possibility that it slaps your high school bully in the face, doesn’t describe the finest things in life, then I really don’t know what does! 

This fabulous annual event in South Australia’s Port Lincoln might not technically be a sport, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from tossin’ tuna, it’s that you sure do need a great deal of upper arm strength to send that fish flying through the air. 

If you don’t have the arm for the sport, or really, if you’d just enjoy the snacks, then I’ve got just the pokie to take bites out of in between tuna tosses at the festival. Meet, Sushi Wins: Reels & Rolls

This is what happens after the tuna has been tossed, cleaned, and sliced. Wasabi joins the event for some hot hot wins as an expanding Wild, and Sake finds his way over to help get you tipsy with 10 free spins and doubled wins. The tuna is the big star of the show, and he can help you to the bonus game where you can multiply your latest bet. 

Whether you find yourself tossing tuna, rivaling Ronaldo, or zipping past mountains in SA, you can be sure these Joe Fortune online sport pokies will be along for the game. Take your pick, practice up, and get out there and win it, champ!