Learn the Best Specialty Casino Games to Play Now

The best specialty Casino games are here at Joe Fortune - let's roll the dice.

Classics like Pokies and Blackjack will always have a special place in our hearts. We’ll never deny that. But before you log in to your account at Joe’s and automatically start looking towards that Pokie section, hear me out.

There’s another category you may not have tried: online specialty games. And, yes. They are specialty games for real money, too.

Believe it or not, certain online specialty games have even more opportunities for winning. And happen to be more entertaining. Depending on what you’re after, your ideal specialty game for real money might be hiding in plain sight and you don’t even know it.

So let’s take a minute to answer one key question today: What are online specialty games? Or better yet, what are online specialty games for real money?

Beach Bums

I hope you’ve been working on that summer bod, because the surfer boys and beach babes sure have. And they’re waiting for you to roll up in your best togs. The whole lot of you will bum around on the sand, pounding Mai Tais and scouting for Seashells, Thongs, Starfish, Pails, and Cash.

Beach Bums is a scratch and win game. This is how it works.

Our aforementioned beach buddies hold up a card with 6 boxes. After you make your wager, you click on the seashell at the bottom of the screen that says “New Card”.

Then, scratch each box one by one to see what’s under each one. Or click on “Reveal” if you’d rather see them all at once. Rip off that bandaid!

If you reveal three Symbols with the same value in a row, then you’ve won your treasure.


Do you even puzzle, bro? Because Sodoku is a Japanese puzzle game based on solving the placement of numbers. As far as specialty games for real money go, this one’s for your brainy side. But it still has a wild, fun side, too. Kind of like a mullet, I guess?

Classic Sodoku is set up with a 9×9 grid. You have to fill each box in the grid with the numbers 1-9. The numbers have to fill each row, column, and 3×3 section without repeating. You’re given a few to start with, so it’s always solvable. Not just blank squares!

Sudoku as a version of online specialty games is different.

When you play Sodoku as a specialty game for real money, the grid is 3×3. You place a wager and “spin the grid”, if you will. The Sodoku boxes land with random numbers inside.

You win based on the numbers that show up. So if you see 3 or more matching numbers anywhere on the grid, you win. The more matching numbers, the more wins.

And this is where the true Sudoko part comes in. If you spin the grid and you get all numbers 1-9 with no repeats, you get the Jackpot.

Penguin Payday

When you saw the words ‘online specialty games’, did you ask yourself, “Hmmm. What are those anyway?” Did you think of Penguins? I’m guessing not. But lo and behold. Specialty games in our Casino for real money can have Penguins. And the Penguins are adorable. Who doesn’t love penguins?

The little Arctic cuties in this scratch-and-win online specialty game will put a smile on your face. They’re stuck in blocks of ice. But when the ice cubes crack, Penguin shenanigans appear. Some wiggle their bums in your direction. Some stand smug with their tufts of orange hair. Some topple over with their big Penguin guts.

Once you click on “New Card”, a new set of Penguin antics are randomly generated on the card. Then you can either scratch each block of ice individually to see which cute lil’ Penguin friend is wiggling their arse underneath, or you can click “Reveal” to see them all at once.

If you get three of the same Penguins on your card, you win! Who knew online specialty games could be so cute?

Roll the Dice

Step into easy payouts with Roll the Dice at Joe Fortune.

Hoo Hey How! Hoo Hey How! No, I’m not talking gibberish. That’s another name for this classic Chinese game. Along with Fish-Prawn-Crab. Which is slightly more sensible to Aussie ears, but let’s go with Roll the Dice.

It’s a particularly fun specialty game for real money because the music is upbeat, the design is fresh and clean, and the Payouts are super easy to get.

Fish, Prawn, Crab, Coin, Rooster, Calabash, and a Triple (three dice) are featured over 7 betting squares.

The aim of the game is to bet on the correct symbols.

You get to choose 3 Symbols. After you make your wager, click on “Roll” at the bottom right. A traditional Chinese rice bowl covers the dice and gives them a toss. If the Symbols you chose show up on any one of the three dice, you win! In the case all three of your bets show up, you really, really win. The Payout for a triple is 30:1.

These are the rest of the Payouts:

  • One matching symbol: 1:1
  • Two matching symbols: 2:1
  • Three matching symbols: 3:1
  • The blessed triple: 30:1

You can even double up your bet before a roll if you’re feeling lucky.

Pirates Pillage

Is the question “What are online specialty games?” getting a bit easier, yet? I’m guessing you may have caught on to a little clue. I love a good scratch and win for online specialty games.

And this time, you’re the Captain of the ship. Ahoy! Prepare t’ plunder for treasures and collect yer booty. The sea is a-ragin’. And if ye be jolly, all the treasure in this here game be yers, Arrrye. Sorry folks, I know that was cringey.

Ahem. Rum Bottles, Spy Glasses, Compasses, Coins, Chalices, and Golden Bars help you channel your inner Jack Sparrow. And there’s plenty to pillage on the land and sea of riches.

When you click on the “New Card” button on the bottom right, 9 Treasure Chests appear. You scratch them off to reveal what’s inside. If you get 3 matching Symbols of any kind, you’re a winner there, Champ!
So, what are online specialty games again? Pirates, Dice, Beaches, Penguins, and Numbers. And other stuff, too. But we didn’t cover it all today. Gotta leave some kinds of specialty games for real money a mystery for next time. Go ahead and deposit and play now. You can come back for more once you’ve scratched, snickered, and sailed your way to the bank.