October Big Winners at Joe Fortune

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another few thousand. Another month, another eighty thousand, if you ask some of these players. Let me show you what I mean…

Welcome back, friends, for another edition of my favourite page: the Joe Fortune Big Winners. It’s the best day of the month in the winner’s circle when we make room for the newest top dogs, their chests puffed out proudly in fresh receipt of their hefty cash honours. 

This Winner’s Circle has plenty of room to add more victors, and the pokies they won with have plenty more cash jackpots to spill out, too. If you haven’t already landed the big one and grabbed a space on the name board, then today could be your day, and I’ve got just the tips, and just the cash ripened games, to show you how to do it. 

But first, let’s take a minute to congratulate our latest big winners. Or, if it’s your name up in lights, take a minute while we congratulate you.


10 Times Vegas 

  • Julie A. from Victoria won $86,987
  • Kai N. from New South Wales won $48,000
  • Gary W. from South Australia won $61,578

What do three players from Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia have in common? At this very moment, they are rolling around on a bed of tens of thousands of dollars, all in totally real, totally crisp, Australian polymer notes from a Joe Fortune online pokie. If Scrooge McDuck taught me anything, it’s that daily cash rolling is the thing done among those with enough to roll around on.

10 Times Vegas is a deceptively simple pokie, so don’t be fooled by the lack of fancy-pants features and side games. You only need a few of the right elements to practically break the internet and explode with life-changing wins.

Each classic, neon-lit symbol in 10 Times Vegas pays out based on its value. The highest value symbol is – no surprise – the 10x wild symbol, and the max bet reaches up to 120. If you land three 10x symbols on one of three paylines, you get an astounding 5,000 coins. Also, it offers a lucrative progressive jackpot that could see you join these three winners for a proper pokie payday party. My shout.     

Golden Buffalo

  • Peter L. from Western Australia won $42,500

The famous Golden Buffalo is back in the wild. Peter L. from Western Australia has taken his cues from last month’s big winners, and succeeded in wrangling that elusive golden beast yet again. Perhaps it’s not so elusive after all.

Luckily for the rest of us, the canyons of the Old West run deep in cash-winning potential. The free spins round of Golden Buffalo is your winning ticket, and you’ll get there by landing three or more bonus symbols anywhere on this 6 reel, 4 row, and 4,096 payline whopper. During that round, multiplying Wilds gonna multiply, stacking on top of each other up to an astounding 3,125x your bet. 

Then it’s you and Peter riding off into the sunset, laughing maniacally at the saddle bags of cash bundled up behind you.

Absolute Super Reels

  • Cho T. from New South Wales won $48,600

There’s a rather super game out there in pokieland, and tonnes of cash piling up behind its reels, and Joe Fortune big winner Cho T. of New South Wales proves it. 

Absolute Super Reels is absolutely bursting with prize potential on its lightning-struck retro reels. A no-frills winning combination is all you need to party hard with Cho. 

Here’s the winning combo to claim the Super Jackpot Progressive: Land three Absolute Super Reels symbols on reels 1 through 3, a +1000 symbol on reel four, and a x10 symbol on reel 5. Hike up your bet to the max, and you’ll be experiencing maximum bragging rights like Cho. 

Cyberpunk City

  • Lyn J. from South Australia won $39,543

It may be a dystopian future in these rain-drenched streets teeming with crime, but there’s a utopian wad of cash huddling behind an undisclosed dark corner, waiting for the lead cyborg’s cue to explode onto the reels.

Lyn J. from South Australia got the shock of their life when the cyborg said the word, and the progressive jackpot struck the reels for a random, stupefying win. 

The streets of Cyberpunk City have no rules and they know no limits. The randomly awarded progressive jackpot is already growing, and the cyborg crew is looking for a new member to join Lyn on the hunt through dark and dreary streets and shine a neon light on the biggest win this city has ever seen. 

Tips for How to Win Playing Slots

These lucky folks are certainly special, but they’re not unique: Julie, Kai, Gary, Peter, Cho, and Lyn are in the spotlight at Joe’s, but they’ll be joined by others in a steady stream as big winners continue to win big. Luck can be on a sliding scale, which to me means that there are steps and ways and means to give yourself the best chance of being hailed as an online casino success story.

Get Your Bonus

Before you do anything else, grab your free money! My Joe Fortune casino bonus money equals free spin games in your pokies. Free spins mean more rounds, and more chances to win. I promise it’s not some kind of test – I want you to take the money and run! 

Choose Wisely

You’ll see plenty of impressive numbers in the Jackpot section at Joe Fortune, but you want to choose the one that works the best for you. 

If you don’t mind putting in the time, and a slightly bigger investment, go for the granddaddy of the progressives. Having said that, don’t get too caught up in chasing the biggest number. For example, Golden Buffalo doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, yet it regularly boasts big winners. They won all that money, fair and square, from the games’ regular multipliers.

Bet on Max

Penny slots are fun for entertainment, but they certainly won’t be the ticket to life-changing prizes. If you want to have a shot at making it big like the 6 big winners from last month, then you’ve got to fork over bigger bets. Maximum bets, in fact. Max bets = max prizes. Simple as that. 

The Best Slot to Play to Start Winning NOW

After all this celebrating with our newest top dogs gracing the Winner’s Circle this time around, you’ll want to save some of that energy to get out there and save your own spot. 

Absolute Super Reels scored Cho just shy of fifty grand in New South Wales, and already that very game is right back at it! The progressive jackpot is already up to $373K at the time of writing, and as progressives tend to do, is still growing.

YOU could be NEXT!

There is nothing I love more in this world than to watch my Aussie bettors being bowled over with prizes from my games. Apart from my wife. Of course. But second is giving away real money pokie payouts.

Progressive jackpots at Joe’s are racking up digits as we speak, and I’m hoping it’s you who will have your own rendezvous with one of these colossal piles of cash – right alongside Julie, Kai, Gary, Peter, Cho, and Lyn. I’ve just opened up a brand new space in the Winner’s Circle, and I’ll keep it warm until you can join us.