Learn to Love and Dominate Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Play blackjack with a live dealer at Joe Fortune

Thanks to COVID-19 and all the social shuffling we’ve had to manage, you might just find yourself with a gap in your soul and a hole in your wallet where your favorite land casino used to be.

Unless you’ve recently acquired a gunshot wound, our diagnosis is precisely what we’re fit to treat. Help yourself to a chill pill while I slip on a white coat. Glasses or no glasses? Dr Fortune has quite a ring, don’t you think?

Well, hey. Hello again. You’re relaxed; I’m in my clinical disguise. If you can play along, there’s a lollipop with your name on it.

I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve got the Jack, but never fear: we have a cream for that. Thanks to real dealer gaming at a fine establishment like mine, you can claw back the familiar experience of that land casino you’ve been missing. But this time, you don’t even have to go anywhere. You can have a live dealer online, right from home, exactly when you want one… and still follow the rules of social distancing like the fine, upstanding citizen you are.

So in a way, it’s kind of like the pandemic brought us together. And that’s a silver lining if you ask me. Swings and roundabouts.

So, since we’re officially together and all (for the purposes of the doctor/patient relationship, of course), I’m going to show you how our live dealer games work, and how it puts you right back in your regular casino, right down to the gaudy carpet. Think of me as your very own live dealer guide. It’s my sub-specialty when I’m not researching epidemiology.

1. How Live Dealer Works

Real dealer gaming is a lot like video chats, but more one-sided. A bit like my last relationship.

Like a video chat, the live Dealer online is streamed to your computer or mobile, and you watch them in real-time. You can see them, but they can’t see you. You can, however, chat with them through text. (These are real people. They have feelings.)

During a game, the Dealer physically deals the cards and spins the wheels. You have regular online controls for your bets and actions, and everything is recorded through special real dealer gaming software.

So that’s how live Dealer works. So what about those vibes?

2. Live Dealer Casino Atmosphere

Your live dealer online is standing at a real casino table inside a real casino studio. They have all the same professional equipment you’d expect from a land casino. And your live Dealer online is professionally trained in the same way, too. They acknowledge all your bets and just make you feel… there. And that’s already a win.

Aside from the suited-up heavies roaming around and the carnival sounds of dings and cha-chings of slot machines firing off from all directions, it feels nearly, almost, approaching, practically, approximately, pretty much just like the real thing. You’ll barely notice the difference.

3. Live Dealer Games

Next up is how live Dealer works with the games. Naturally. The games are played mostly like in a land casino, but with some extra perks. Here are your games for real dealer gaming at Joe’s.


The classic. Played from an eight-deck shoe, you bet on the Banker or Player to be closest to a sum of 9, or a Tie between both.

Early Payout Blackjack

A real gem for real dealer gaming. It’s played just like Blackjack. But now you have the option to opt-out of your hand at any time and take the balance of your money too. The ultimate Fold ‘em: packing up your toys and heading home. You’ll be back.

Super 6

Based on the same principles as Baccarat with a fun, six-y twist (a nod to our New Zealand neighbours): when the Banker wins with a sum of 6, it pays 1:2 instead of the regular 1:1.


A timer starts, you select your chips, and you bet on where you think the ball will land on the wheel.

4. Live Dealer Back Betting

Back-betting is a side bet done with Blackjack. It’s what makes real dealer gaming truly special.

Also called a “bet-behind”, back-betting means you can bet on multiple players’ hands at a table. So let’s say you’re at the Blackjack table with 7 seats. You’re a pretty good player, but you notice one of the other players is like really, really good. So, what you might do here is a masterstroke: instead of relying only on your own hand to win, you can piggyback on theirs.

Now, every time the other player has a winning hand, you also get the payout based on your own bet amount. Now you can stand on the proverbial shoulders of giants. How’s the view?

5. Live Dealer Strategies

Live blackjack dealer strategies at Joe Fortune

I bet you’re still wondering when this live dealer guide is gonna spill on how to win these damn games. Alright, alright. Hold your horses. Here is the strategy. I’ll hold the digressions. Might even fold ‘ém. (Sorry. Let’s act all businessy now. Shoulders back, chin up.)

Make use of side bets. Real dealer gaming provides ample opportunities to build your own Fortune, especially in Blackjack. Identify the strong players, and increase your own payday from their wins.

Grab a guide. Not necessarily a live dealer guide. But something like a Blackjack guide will come in handy. Print out the charts. Keep them next to you, and make informed actions. I believe I may even have one I prepared earlier, tucked away in my files.

Look for patterns. Your live dealer online is a real human. With their shuffling, dealing, or wheel spinning, you may begin to see a pattern emerge. Latch on to it, and follow your gut when you don’t trust your head. (Full transparency: there is no mathematical advantage to this approach, even if your lucky eyeball is tingling or somesuch).

So, my friend, that’s how “live dealer” works online. Like a once-happy marriage between a land casino and an online casino now affably sharing joint custody of you. We both love you very much. So run along and I’ll proudly watch your first deposit and play now. I think you’ll find your live dealer online is just as giddy to see you at their table, behind a professional facade. Game on. Be nice, won’t you? Human interaction is a luxury you can both afford.

Your doctor says so.